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Transforming the visual and functional aspects of a website through a comprehensive UX and UI overhaul is the expertise provided by Developistic in its website redesign services. Our approach encompasses a full spectrum of website redesign services, including UI and UX audits, optimization of loading speeds, and seamless content migration, aiming to extend visitor sessions and elevate conversion rates.

Why Opt for Website Redesign?

  • 68% of visitors promptly exit a company website with subpar UI/UX design.
  • 46% of visitors base business decisions on the visual appeal of a company’s website.
  • $1.73 Billion in annual revenue is lost by slow-loading e-commerce websites.

Benefits of Website Redesign with Developistic

Guaranteed Enhancements Commencing with an exhaustive UI and UX audit, Developistic identifies the weaknesses of your website. Armed with this knowledge, we formulate a tailored plan outlining redesign objectives and corresponding business outcomes, including:

  • Responsive, mobile-first design to boost mobile traffic.
  • Improving page load speed and rectifying performance issues to minimize visitor bounce rates.
  • Enhancing intuitive navigation for improved visitor engagement.
  • Consolidating multiple websites into one CMS to reduce support and administration costs.

Seamless Content Migration Content migration constitutes a significant portion of overall website redesign costs. Developistic ensures the secure migration of content by creating a detailed migration roadmap for each project. Employing a combination of automated and manual migration approaches, we uncover and update all legacy code instances on your website.

Preserved SEO Equity In close collaboration with project stakeholders, we develop an SEO migration strategy to maintain your website's existing search engine rankings. This strategy involves website crawling, inbound link preservation, and the creation of redirects for updated links. To boost organic traffic, our approach includes:

  • A comprehensive SEO audit.
  • Addressing identified issues hindering your website's ranking growth.
  • On-page optimization to enhance individual page rankings.

Success Stories of Web App Redesign

Why Choose Developistic

  • 12 years of experience in web development.
  • 50+ testimonials from valued clients.
  • Over 250 websites created for commercial businesses, governmental, and non-profit organizations.
  • UX design focused on usability and brand perception.
  • UI design aimed at creating visually appealing websites.